Q: What essentials of the Engineeringprogram must be in place by the first day of school?
There are four “big rocks” to Engineering3: The Lab, The Kits, The Curriculum and The Teacher. Here’s a quick outline of each.

Q: How often do Engineering3 classes meet?
Engineering3 classes run as regularly scheduled classes. In a school that operates with a traditional schedule with all classes meeting every day for one class period, Engineering3 will run every day, one class period.

Q: Does Engineering3 replace core science or math classes?
At its inception, Engineering3 was designed to be an elective class and not a replacement for regular math and science courses. Colleges expect certain classes be completed for students to be considered for admission. Unless Engineering3 becomes a recognized replacement for the core coursework, we recommend each school run the program as an elective.

Q: Why is Engineering3 a multi-year program?
Engineering3 is set up in three parts, each requiring and extensive amount of time to complete. To work through all stages of the Engineering3 curriculum usually takes four years, but even students that only complete Part 1 report elevated performance in their university classes over students that did not take any part of Engineering3.

Q: What are the prerequisites for taking Engineering3?
Schools may set their own requirements, but the design of the Engineering3 program is to allow any student access if it fits in their schedule. Where students come across skill sets they have not yet learned through their regular classes, those are taught as needed in Engineering3.

Q: Can only 9th grade students enroll for year 1 of Engineering3?
Students may enter into the Engineering3 program at any level with the understanding that all students must start with Year 1. As a multi-year program, if students in 11th or 12th grade come into Year 1 they will not complete the multi-year sequence before graduation.