Students doing engineering, that’s the simple description of Engineering3. This is a proven, multi-year engineering curriculum for high school students that drives student learning through a process where they must learn to do, must do to produce, and through doing, expand their learning to exceptional levels as they experience the wonderful world of learning through failure. So much of the engineering world is designing, prototyping, testing… and realizing your concept doesn’t work. Then it’s back to the drawing board, but we learn significantly through this process, and this is the foundation of Engineering3 .

Students do, instructors do… and facilitate. Engineering3  promotes an active learning environment where the instructor is integrated into the learning as a partner. Students design; instructors design. Students build and test; instructors build and test. Instructors collaborate with students just as project managers collaborate with their engineering team members. Engineering3  instructors are the guide… but they get to play engineering as well.

Put it all together, and what develops is a well-defined, well-rounded and student-success focused engineering curriculum that prepares students for the college and professional engineering experience.

Explore Engineering3 . The pursuit begins when you understand the exponential advantages of Engineering3.